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You know what's really funny? If anyone is reading this.. just know I can't even write anymore. Like, it was so easy to write before and now I have all these things I wanna write and I can't. I sound stupid. It doesn't even sound natural like when I was writing about men FUCKING.

Like wtf

Why can't I write the series I REALLY WANNA WRITE. WHY

just for you guys, because you're worth it

So as I constantly check the Sernando comm and it's quietness, then back at the list of my junk that I write and refuse to touch afterwords, I feel it's my responsibility to give something for those who often check the comm for some Sernando love. I wish I could say I was in a writer's block, but that wouldn't explain the constant writing I've been doing since my last post in 2011 haha. Let's just say I've wrote a bit on Fantasy Cannibalism but have drifted off into writing several random stuff. Out of that I've chosen only two to share.

Why, you furiously ask? Because the rest is an incomplete mess and not worth reading when you're gonna be left with tons of cliffhangers. These are the only two that I confidently finished. They're not much, probably nothing, but I think somebody out there would appreciate it(hopefully).

And who knows, maybe I'll find some courage to post the rest(some day, year, century)

So yeah, um, have fun with ..whatever these are.

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fantasy cannibalism part 2

TitleFantasy Cannibalism part 2
Rating: PG13 (for now)
Pairing: Fernando Torres/ ?, and Xabi Alonso.
Wordcount: 3190
Disclaimer: We'll never know.
Note: um, haaaaaaaaa. thanks for the comments on the first part! i'm so sorry if this is confusing, because it is confusing but everything will fall into place eventually and hopefully you will love it haha! i will be updating quite frequently because there is things i need to have out before a certain holiday approaches. so uh yeah, anyways, ennjoyy.

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